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Business Growth

Based on the owner's goals and deep dive analysis of the business, we create a customized plan to grow sales, profit, and shareholder value, with the option to help execute the plan.

Financial Advisory

We help businesses to maximize profits and cash flow by providing business owners with the senior financial advise they need to improve monthly reporting, find out where improvements can be made and make better decisions. We can also perform a Finance Health Check.

Business Transition

Every Business Owner will exit their business and we help plan for the eventuality with a tailored plan that helps meet the owner's goals & retirement needs by considering various exit options, while maximizing shareholder value.

Who We Are

Copious Insights – we help Business Owners meet their goals of growing their business, making their business less dependent on them, and preparing their business for sale or transition while increasing financial literacy.

Kevin Ballantyne, BBA, CBEC, CPA, CA, is the founder of Copious Insights, with over 30 years of professional financial experience in many different industries, from large public companies to small owner managed firms.

In addition to being a Chartered Professional Accountant, Kevin is also a Certified Business Exit Consultant (CBEC). He also believes that everyone should have a good level of financial literacy and has thus developed courses to help Business Owners, their managers and staff to better understand business and personal finance.

Grow your business and your wealth so you can live the life you want

How We Work

Introductory Phone Call

This no obligation phone call is an introduction to each other to see if it makes sense to go to the next stage.

One & a Half Hour Meeting

This is also a no-obligation meeting where we go through your goals, get an understanding of where you are now and the obstacles to achieving your goals. Only if there is no doubt that we can help you reach your goals, will we consider the possibility of us working together.


Depending on your goals and the issues you are dealing with, we will use one or more of our proven tools to analyze your business. One of our tools compares your business to "Best in Class" businesses that run on best practices.


Design a Plan that is tailored to reach your goals. That may be to created predictable profits & cash flow, created predictable profitable growth and/or create predictable transferable equity value. It may also be creating a strategic plan, business plan, finance department improvement plan or business transition plan.


Executing the Plan is putting in place processes and accountabilities that produce the results needed to achieve your goals.

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If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plans, your plans will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.

—   Jim rohn

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Our goal is to provide at least a 10x return on our client’s investment in what we do for them.